Wal-Mart, India

INTEC is pleased to prepare the 3D BIM modeling for the Wal Mart India prototype shop, which was a joint venture between Bharti INDIA and Walmart at the time. Walmart Inc. is the world's leading retailer renowned for its logistics, supply chain management and procurement efficiency

One Tower Bridge, UK

One Tower Bridge is located at one of London's last major river sites and offers the epitome of a luxury five - star living with amazing views of the Tower Bridge, the Thames River and the Tower of London. The development consists of eight unique buildings, each designed to complement the

IBIS Hotel (5 nos. Hotels), India

INTEC has the immense pleasure working in 5 different metro cities across India. Amongst them, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore are to name a few.

Grand Hyatt Hotel, India

Grand Hyatt hotel is one of the largest gated residential complexes spread over an extensive 37.5-acre area Delhi NCR region. It consists of living spaces, recreational facilities and other amenities. Other features include 10 acres of interconnected greens, a 2-acre clubhouse with multiple

Obeikan Tower, Saudi Arabia ,

Tower of Obeikan is situated in the heart of Riyadh. This tower has a vital location on King Fahd Road and unique architectural engineering. This is its strategic importance, which led "Hilton," the international hotel group, to sign a contract with OIG to operate a two hundred

Michael Schumacher Tower, India

A tribute to the Formula One Champion, this tower with 110 suites with a limited-edition lifestyle is an amazing work of art and an unparalleled feat of engineering. The building's opulent design tells his glory story and celebrates a luxurious lifestyle. The tower's aerodynamic

Iran Mall Hotel, Tehran, Iran

Iran Mall is one of the largest Middle East business centers with a built area of 1,200,000 m2 on West Hemmat Highway in District 22 northwest of Tehran. This project is the center for business, cultural and sporting activities with a large hotel, with 190,000 m2 in each floor.

Wellington Street, Leeds, UK

This is one of the largest residential project based in Leeds, UK. The first four phases will include 242 apartments. The first 18 storey block is due for completion on 2021. INTEC has been involved in this project to develop the Architecture Design and BIM services from schematic

ASU Block 12, Arizona, USA

INTEC has been involved in providing design support services for this five story classroom and administrative phase. This project also includes many sustainable and aspects and green