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The heart of 5D BIM is to draw on the components of the information model to extract accurate cost information.

The aim of traditional pre-construction and early conceptualization of design was to create a "frozen design. "The idea is to create architectural drawings that are not subject to change instead of an evolving design. Ultimately, it's the drawings contractors build. But since early-stage drawings were so imprecise, it was difficult to achieve an accurate "frozen design "stage and to fully ascertain all the details of the design intention-i.e. how the facilities will work, how they will be built and what they will cost. As a result, during the construction phase of many projects, the process can cause unplanned, costly, time-consuming design changes.

Pre -design and construction and early-stage layout is a crucial period that requires consensus on the scope of work-based on the needs and expectations of the owner-and accurate estimates of the cost of project results. Today, owners, architects, builders and engineers can sit down at the earliest stages of the design using 5D BIM to discuss not only their current design, but also how revisions or alternatives to the design will affect their project from the earliest stages to completion. All elements can be seen and evaluated from appearance and price to scheduling and constructability.

In conjunction with other BIM tools, such as Revit, the model's latter design stages, 5D BIM tools are used. Combined with knowledge of senior estimates and a database of construction and material costs, all stakeholders can create a set design and a clear, precise project scope using a 5D approach.

We have taken many innovative ways at INTEC to deliver value to owners. 5D BIM technology is a key part of our design and building process. The early creation of a budget that has cost security for the duration of a project is a critical necessity for project success and is renowned for INTEC. In addition, we set up an innovative virtual construction planning process that identifies the specific efficiencies that each project can achieve. This advanced approach enables us to make faster and smarter decisions, offer a wider range of cost options and use fewer staff during the early assessment of business.